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We take a long view of history, publishing books that celebrate both the continent’s ancient heritage and today’s cultural diversity. Our nonfiction titles offer unique perspectives in social and political theory.

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Yes We Did

Leading in Turbulent Times


Released: September 2021

Political Memoir

280 pp • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-896150-97-0   $29.95 

280 pp • Hard cover • ISBN 978-1-896150-98-7   $39.95 


Gary Filmon [was] a leader who treated people with respect, who met with and listened to people and who was open and accountable … —Former Manitoba Minister of Finance Eric Stefanson, 1993–2001

Well written and thoroughly researched. I strongly recommend it … [It will also serve] as a guide for future political leaders. Former Saskatchewan Premier Roy Romanow, 1991–2001


THE 1990s were a time of significant and Canada—the Meech Lake and Charlottetown attempts at constitutional reform, NAFTA, the GST, a major economic downturn that saw Manitoba lose 1.4% of its GDP in one year, the loss of the Winnipeg Jets NHL team, and the 1999 Pan Am Games. Gary Filmon was in the premier’s chair through it all. 

On the day he left office, a journalist asked how he thought he’d done during his time as premier. He replied that he would let history decide that. The next day, in an editorial, the Winnipeg Free Press agreed with that sentiment. However, with the passage of time, Gary Filmon has decided to give history a hand. Yes We Did: Leading in Turbulent Times is his recollection of more than eleven years atop Manitoba’s government.


The Winnipeg Free Press, September 3, 2021

The Brandon Sun, September 4, 2021

The Brandon Sun, September 16, 2021

CBC News Winnipeg, September 19, 2021

Steinbach Online, September 20, 2021

The Brandon Sun, September 23, 2021

The Winnipeg Sun, September 24, 2021

CBC Winnipeg Information Radio, September 24, 2021

Global News Morning, October 22, 2021

CTV Morning Live October 26, 2021


My Path Through Life and Law


Released: October 2020

Canadian social history • Law • Politics • Biography

200 pp • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-896150-94-9   $24.95   $19.95 US

e-Book (MOBI or EPUB) ISBN 978-1-896150-96-3   $19.95   $14.95 US


This is essential reading for those who wish to understand how governments have tried to undermine the rights and interests of First Nations peoples for centuries …”  —Former National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations Phil Fontaine O.C., O.M.


Serendipity is the story of Jack London’s peripatetic journey through various careers in law. Once described by Paul Sullivan in the Globe and Mail as  “an issues poet”, he employs his recollections as opportunities to comment on some of Canada’s most important social issues.

London is a believer in honest recollection, and shares his ups and downs, his ethical challenges and his strengths and weaknesses. Throughout, he suggests that existence precedes reason and that luck is often more important than intelligence.

He concludes by recounting his myriad experiences with Indigenous peoples and his belief in reconciliation — which he sees as the key social issue of our time.

eBook Ordering Instructions

The Serendipity ebook is available directly through the publisher, Heartland for $19.95 CDN / $14.95 US. Please specify MOBI for Kindle, or EPUB for Kobo & Onyx e-readers. Place your order by emailing or calling 204-284-1089. (Be sure to contact us in advance of your etransfer, as your email address is necessary for us to have on hand in order to send your ebook). Your copy will be emailed directly to you after payment is received by etransfer ( or by cheque (PO Box 103 RPO Corydon, Winnipeg, MB, Canada, R3M 3S3)

Vignettes from My Life


Released: October 2020

Memoir • Biography

208 pp • Hard cover • ISBN 978-1-896150-93-2   $26.95 


Tannis Richardson and her late husband George have for years been supporters of many of Winnipeg’s arts and cultural institutions, including the Winnipeg Symphony, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and, most recently, the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s new Inuit gallery, Quamajuq, to which they donated their large collection of Inuit art. They have also been enthusiastic supporters of the City Winnipeg for more than a century.

Despite its philanthropy, however, the family cherishes its privacy. Vignettes from My Life, written and published when Tannis was in her mid-90s, gives readers a glimpse into the everyday life of the Richardson family, which has long been among Manitoba’s largest employers. It includes chapters on the canoe trip she, her twin brothers and their parents, Dr. and Mrs. Thorlakson, took down the Nelson River, with wonderful Cree guides, when Tannis was 13; amusing stories about university, her first years as a mother and her early volunteering jobs.

Tannis and George Richardson experienced sadness, too. Type 1 diabetes claimed the life of their eldest child, Pamela, when she was just 29, leaving the family deeply wounded. After discussions with other families with children suffering from the same disease, she and Donald Ferguson, then regional director of CBC, decided to organize a fundraising initiative to support much-needed research into the disease.


Two things I have greatly enjoyed throughout my life are the telling of stories, often with a small lesson, and the taking of photographs. This book of reminiscences attempts to pull together what I hope are the best of both, in support of a cause that has been a large part of my life.



In Search of Canada’s Ancient Heartland

Discover Manitoba’s Geology, Paleontology and Archaeology


Geology • Archeaology • Paleontology • Driving guide & directions • Landmarks & visitor centres

320 pp Softcover ISBN 978-1-896150-81-9   $24.95

Hundreds of illustrations & maps


A book that is long overdue. This is not only Manitoba’s long and complex history, but in many ways the history of the planet itself.”  —Dave Olinyk, P.Eng, Winnipeg

A magnificent book.”  —Terry McLeod, CBC Radio Host

McNally Robinson Booksellers best-sellers list 2020


Preliminaries include: Geological Timeline • Major Extinction Events • North America’s Immutable Heartland • Manitoba’s Magnificent Megafauna • A Chill Wind • The De-Icing of Manitoba • Lake Agassiz’s Global Effect • Peopling of Canada’s Heartland

Chapters include: Eastern Manitoba • The Trans-Canada Highway • The Red Coat Trail  Prairie Lakes and Interlake  Western Manitoba  Northern Manitoba

Geologically and geographically, Manitoba is truly North America’s heartland. A place of subtle and varied landscape, it was nearly two billion years in the making. But clues to its ancient past are everywhere – in its plains and hills, along its lakeshores and rivers, and around its seacoast. 

For the first time, the geological, paleontological and archaeolgical wonders of Manitoba are gathered in one place.

 With hundreds of colour photographs, maps and illustrations, this book presents an accessible, route-oriented approach for today’s time travellers, creating an indispensable guide to the forces that have shaped the land.


In the fall of 2020, In Search of Canada’s Ancient Heartland was showcased twice in the Winnipeg Free Press:

Sandilands Reflect Continent’s Long History, Saturday, September 26, 2020

Exploring the Escarpment, Saturday, October 10, 2020

Lake Agassiz

The Rise and Demise of the World’s Greatest Lake


Glacial & climate history • Geology • Social sciences

264 pp Softcover ISBN 978-1-896150-87-1   $29.95   $24.95 US

Archival photos, paintings & maps • B&W color insert


Lake Agassiz is a triumph!” —Harvey Thorleifson, Past-president American Association of State Geologists

#1 title: McNally Robinson Booksellers non-fiction top-seller 2017-18

Short-listed for 5 awards – Manitoba Book Awards


Chapters include: The Man Who “Found” Lake Agassiz  The Glacial Assiniboine Delta • Welcome to Beringia!  “Churchill is Hurtling Skyward” • Paleoshorelines • Campbell Beach

Some believe Lake Agassiz was the largest lake the world has known. A spectacular creation of meltwater from the colossal ice sheets that for millennia covered Canada and much of the U.S., it was a force of nature for 6,000 years. 

For millennia, nothing more dominated North American geography. Not surprisingly, its story is one of superlatives: inconceivable tsunamis that bored through solid rock, colossal outpourings of glacial water that created a mini-ice age in Europe, tributary torrents that gouged huge valleys and created a delta larger than Prince Edward Island, and an enormous watershed that redistributed species from  the Arctic to the Gulf of Mexico.

Yet most of us know little about it. Enthralling, enlightening and often amusing, author Bill Redekop takes readers from Lake Agassiz’s discovery by American and Canadian geologists in the late 19th century, through the contentious tracing of its ever-shifting shorelines to its enormous impact on North American today.


Exploring the Old Trans-Canada East


Chock full of diners, hotspots and scenic gems, plus maps and directions for travellers wanting adventure, history and food.

280 pp  Full colorSoftcover ISBN 978-1-896150-89-5  $26.95


quote” —person, place


Chapters include: Manitoba to Kenora • Kenora to Lakehead • Thunder Bay to Sault Ste. Marie • Sault Ste Marie to Ottawa • Northern Ontario and Quebec Route 115 • Montreal to New Brunswick 133 • New Brunswick to Nova Scotia • Nova Scotia • Prince Edward Island • Newfoundland to Mile Zero

From the Manitoba-Ontario border to the eastern tip of Newfoundland, Exploring Old Highway No.1 East is both a nostalgic romp down memory lane and a current guidebook for today’s traveller. 

In this companion volume to Clark Saunder’s Exploring Old Highway No.1 West, author Clint Cannon takes the reader on a delightful journey through time and place as he seeks out the remnants and byways of Canada’s great road eastward as it was between 1945 and 1965. 

Inset maps, personal asides, and hundreds of vibrant photos enhance the experience as you discover classic midcentury motels and restaurants, explore falls that run backwards, bays that empty, and fossilized trees that stand straight up. From coal mines to covered bridges, from world-class bagels to fried bolgna, these Canadiana treasures and so much more can be found within the pages. As he weaves bits of Canadian history and personal childhood memories with pointers and tips on what to do and see along the way today, the author rediscovers what his mother called “the road home” and presents us with a truly Canadian adventure that is a must for any reader or motorist. 

Whether you are planning an epic road trip or simply wanting to experience one from the comfort of your deckchair, Cannon’s book will guide and entertain you along the way. 

Wild West


A guide to animal more than 50 Endangered or threatened animals, plants & ecosystems of Western North America

360 pp  Full colorSoftcover ISBN 978-1-896150-35-2  $19.95   $14.95 US

Hundreds of stunning photographs • Feature pages Maps


Mary Scorer Best Book Award Winner

“The best book I’ve seen on endangered species anywhere.” James Hunter, professional birder, Tasmania, Australia


Chapters include: The Arctic • The Boreal Forest • The Sea to Sky Region • The California Coast • The Western Mountains • The Grasslands • The Western Deserts

The riches of our planet are disappearing before our eyes. Wild West examines how and why. Taking a long view, it looks at the evolution and decline of more than 50 species and ecosystems, the gains made to date and the challenges that remain.

Finally, how can North Americans help, and where can they see these rare treasures?

3 regional covers to choose from!

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About Us

Incorporated in 1997, Winnipeg-based Heartland Associates produces books that are meant to be read and read to last. We invest in high production values because books should be a visual treat for the eyes as well as the mind. After the initial flip through, you’ll find the content worth reading from cover to cover.

Our books delve deeply into North America’s ancient history and natural landscapes, with lavish illustrations, archival paintings, beautiful maps, commissioned artwork, and magnificent photography. They appeal not only to history buffs, but to those who love to explore the continent’s wild places and its fascinating past.
We also dedicate ourselves to biographies, fiction and politics, sharing stories that variously inspire, educate, entertain and provoke.

Responsible for our growing reputation is the Heartland team: writers, editors, designers, photographers and artists who collaborate on books that explore North America’s cultural diversity and the relationship of its people with the natural history of the continent. Over the years, Heartland has developed a number of special projects, showcasing diverse subjects, regions and histories of our continent. This includes commissions for local stories and newsmakers, theatric productions, and school-tested educational tools.

Heartland Associates is a fully independent partnership committed to telling the stories of North America to a large audience.  Our attention to detail has paid off with many awards and the enthusiasm of our retailers, but the best accolades are from readers, who write to us from around the world.
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Find this beautiful view, the gorge of the Smoky River, north of Grande Cache, Alberta, in the bestselling title, In Search of Ancient Alberta.

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Alternatively, we have collaborated on many titles for organizations and businesses – to celebrate anniversaries, highlight milestones and showcase their histories. Please inquire to learn more.

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