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Titles that Explore a Route

Whether you are hitting the road or doing a little armchair travelling our ‘In Search of’ titles – and others – will engage and bring these routes to life in so many ways. With a focus on paleontology, archaeology and geology – as well as ancient peoples, wildlife and ecosystems, you will be guaranteed to explore with fresh eyes.

Exploring the Old Trans-Canada East


Chock full of diners, hotspots and scenic gems, plus maps and directions for travellers wanting adventure, history and food.

280 pp  Full colorSoftcover ISBN 978-1-896150-89-5  $26.95


quote” —person, place


Chapters include: Manitoba to Kenora • Kenora to Lakehead • Thunder Bay to Sault Ste. Marie • Sault Ste Marie to Ottawa • Northern Ontario and Quebec Route 115 • Montreal to New Brunswick 133 • New Brunswick to Nova Scotia • Nova Scotia • Prince Edward Island • Newfoundland to Mile Zero

From the Manitoba-Ontario border to the eastern tip of Newfoundland, Exploring Old Highway No.1 East is both a nostalgic romp down memory lane and a current guidebook for today’s traveller. 

Author Clint Cannon takes the reader on a delightful journey through time and place as he seeks out the remnants and byways of Canada’s great road eastward as it was between 1945 and 1965. 

Inset maps, personal asides, and hundreds of vibrant photos enhance the experience as you discover classic mid-century motels and restaurants, explore falls that run backwards, bays that empty, and fossilized trees that stand straight up. From coal mines to covered bridges, from world-class bagels to fried bologna, these Canadiana treasures and so much more can be found within the pages. As he weaves bits of Canadian history and personal childhood memories with pointers and tips on what to do and see along the way today, the author rediscovers what his mother called “the road home” and presents us with a truly Canadian adventure that is a must for any reader or motorist. 

Whether you are planning an epic road trip or simply wanting to experience one from the comfort of your deckchair, Cannon’s book will guide and entertain you along the way. 

In Search of Ancient Alberta

Discover the Geology, Paleontology and Archaeology of Alberta


Geology • Archeaology • Paleontology • Driving guide & directions • Landmarks & visitor centres

Hundreds of illustrations • 368 pp • Full color • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-896150-84-0  $24.95

National Bestseller 3 times over – over 20,000 sold!


Preliminaries include: Alberta by the Sea • Dinosaur Norvana • A Chill Wind over Alberta • Peopling the Americas • Stories in Stone

Chapters include: Trans-Canada Highway • Bow Valley and Icefields Parkways • Crowsnest Pass and Milk River Route • Trail of the Great Bear and Big Horn Highway • Ice Age Corridor • Yellowhead Highway • Buffalo Trail • Lake Peace Route • Athabasca Lowlands • Glossary

There are few places on Earth where the past is more evident than here, where the plains meet the mountains.

Today, clues to this ancient past are everywhere—in its mountains and valleys, along its rivers and across its grasslands. These geological, paleontological and archaeological wonders are gathered in one place.

In Search of Ancient Alberta presents an accessible, route-oriented approach for today’s time travelers, creating an indispensable guide to the spirit of the land.
Featuring dozens of sites, more than 400 color photographs and superb paintings, this beautiful guide brings Alberta’s geology, paleontology and archaeology to life. 

In Search of Canada’s Ancient Heartland


Geology • Archeaology • Paleontology • Driving guide & directions • Landmarks & visitor centres

320 pp • Full color • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-896150-81-9  $24.95


A book that is long overdue. This is not only Manitoba’s long and complex history, but in many ways the history of the planet itself.”  —Dave Olinyk, P.Eng, Winnipeg

A magnificent book.”  —Terry McLeod, CBC Radio Host

#1 title: McNally Robinson Booksellers non-fiction top-seller 2017-18


Preliminaries include: Geological Timeline • Major Extinction Events • North America’s Immutable Heartland • Manitoba’s Magnificent Megafauna • A Chill Wind • The De-Icing of Manitoba • Lake Agassiz’s Global Effect • Peopling of Canada’s Heartland

Chapters Include: Eastern Manitoba • The Trans-Canada Highway • The Red Coat Trail • The Prairie Lakes & Interlake • The Western Mountains • Northern Manitoba

Geologically and geographically, Manitoba is truly North America’s heartland. A place of subtle and varied landscape, it was nearly two billion years in the making. But clues to its ancient past are everywhere—in its plains and hills, along its lakeshores and rivers, and around its seacoast.

For the first time, the geological, paleontological and archaeolgical wonders of Manitoba are gathered in one place.

With hundreds of colour photographs, maps and illustrations, this book presents an accessible, route-oriented approach for today’s time travellers, creating an indispensable guide to the forces that have shaped the land.



In the fall of 2020, In Search of Canada’s Ancient Heartland was showcased twice in the Winnipeg Free Press:

Sandilands Reflect Continent’s Long History, Saturday, September 26, 2020

Exploring the Escarpment, Saturday, October 10, 2020

In Search of Ancient British Columbia

Discover the Geology, Paleontology and Archaeology of British Columbia


Geology • Archeaology • Paleontology • Driving guide & directions

Hundreds of illustrations & maps • 304 pp • Full color • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-896150-05-5  $24.95


(Heartland’s travel guides) …richly illustrated and written in lay terms, are like no others.”  —The Daily News, Kamloops

This book should be a staple in every school library and every book store It’s, in a word, fascinating.”  —Sooke Mirror News


Preliminaries include: The Building of British Columbia • The Icing on British Columbia • Peopling the Americas

Chapters include: The Kootenays • The Thompson Okanagan • The Fraser Canyon • The Fraser Valley • The Lower Mainland • The Gulf Islands • Vancouver Island • Glossary • Bibliography

A fabulous follow-up to the perennial best-seller, In Search of Ancient Alberta: Long-awaited and remarkably comprehensive, In Search of Ancient British Columbia provides highway, seaway and armchair travellers a sweeping view of the geology, paleontology and archaeology of southern BC.

Following the major routes from east to west—the way the province was created—this stunning guide provides in-depth, yet easy-to-understand information on more than 100 sites. From the Burgess Shale to Barkley Sound, In Search of Ancient British Columbia is like travelling with a party of experts, while a comprehensive glossary and a bibliography assist in understanding how the distant past continues to have a profound impact on life in BC today.

Illustrated with beautiful maps, magnificent photographs, original illustrations and art and lovely archival paintings, the sites spring to life from the pages of this 304-page guide.

A PERENNIAL BEST-SELLING TITLE: Loved and read by over 20,000 history buffs since 2002! Look for the 5th edition in late 2022.

Exploring the Fur Trade Routes of North America

Discover the Highways that Opened a Continent


Scenic sites • Landmarks & visitor centres • Historic points of interest • Driving guide & directions

Hundreds of illustrations & maps • 288 pp • Full color • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-896150-69-7  $24.95


The best book on the market on the fur trade.”  —Gail & Michael Evans-Hatch, Consulting historians, US National Parks Service


Chapters include: The North Americans The FrenchThe French Fur Trade (1534-1763) • London: The Epicentre • The English on The Bay (1688-1760) • Orkney • Montreal to Sault Ste. Marie • The Fur Trade in Old Michigan • North of Superior • Lake Superior to Lake Winnipeg • Hudson Bay to Cumberland House • North to the Athabasca • The Saskatchewan River Route • South to the Plains • Over the Shining Mountains • The Columbia Department • The Lewis & Clark Trail • The Missouri River Route • The Rocky Mountain Fur Trade • The Santa Fe Trail • The Oregon Trail • Glossary • Alphabetical Listing of Sites

Europeans in search of furs penetrated the continent from the St. Lawrence to the Columbia, aided by the native North Americans who shared the secrets of its bounty. Today’s modern highways trace those ancient trade routes, taking time travellers on a journey of rediscovery.

With full color maps, hundreds of photographs and detailed driving directions in every site, this guide unlocks a world of adventure, when spirited men and women shaped one of the continent’s central dramas and determined its destiny.

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